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35K ScrapMaster In-motion Crane Weigh System-Magnet Application

Model #SM-35K

Truly the first on board, crane weigh system to weigh accurately in-motion, the U.S. patented ScrapMaster employs a simplified construction and intuitive features to create a system that is easy to operate and greatly reduces the number of components to maintain.  The entire systems consists of only one load cell, which replaces the existing yoke at the point where the grapple or magnet is attached.  The scrap is then weighed in motion as it is loaded into a railroad car, truck or bucket.  Appropriate from basic weighing to advanced blending applications, the ScrapMaster delivers customized software to meet the customer's specific needs at a fraction of the cost of traditional weigh systems.  Operating at prominent speeds to decrease loading time, the ScrapMaster still performs with unprecedented efficiency.

System Components:

  • One (1) ScrapMaster Load Cell
  • Interface Cable to Crane Cab
  • One (1) Instrumentation Package
  • ScrapMaster Software
  • Motion CPU Board
  • Motion Light System
  • One (1) Printer wtih Interface
  • Operator Selectable Option of Weighing in Automatic or Manual Mode

The ScrapMaster is patented under the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

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